What does writing mean?

I love to write.  And I especially love to write about things that interest me.  But I hate when writing for a magazine, you have an editor that thinks you need to dumb down your article, because apparently, Americans don’t use words bigger than 5 letters.  Even use a small word that is somewhat obscure and boy, oh, boy, does the editor lose her ever loving mind.

Well, guess what?  I was called puerile by a lead writer because I told an editor she was an ass.  Now, let’s be clear here:  I was being honest.  Not juvenile.   And, yes, I had to look the dang word up, too.  But from my prior sentences, I am sure you have deduced that the word “puerile” means child-like or juvenile.

First, I would like to think the head writer for teaching me a new word.  I have never heard of it nor used it, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I will be using that one in scrabble.  And not only that, I must have used that sucker 10 times throughout the day in one fashion or another.  And why, do you ask, did I continue to use the word?  Well, because I love learning new words, even when I am called them and it wasn’t true.  I swear, it wasn’t.

Anywhoo, I am no longer writing for that magazine and I have to say, I am sad.  I kind of bit my nose off, to spite my face, as the old saying goes.  I loved writing for this magazine and most everyone that works there are great people.  I simply had a small smash up with one lousy editor.  But, because I love writing and refuse to ever stop, I shall find another magazine to write for.

And today, I am not being puerile.  Go, me!